Web 2.0 has opened a lot of doors for education through convenience and accessibility.  There are more options allowed for online education as well as tools we can use to enhance the educational process.  Online schooling, blogs, presentations, projects, will all be more meaning full as we grow with our youth.  The students I have now depend highly on technology and they find doing more hands on or visual instruction (prezi, videos, etc.) to be more beneficial to real life application than reading a textbook.  Interaction between all consumers is made easy through Web 2.0, feedback and instruction can be found conveniently and through a simple blog.  There are sites like Prezi that I have used to make learning more creative.  Then there are sites like Little Bird Tales, that allow ELL students to have equal access to certain materials. 


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    I am 23 years old, a High School PE and Heath Teacher, Coach, and aspire to educate and challenge our youth to become the best possible individuals they can be!


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