Social networking began as a fad for young adults and adolescents to stay connected with their peers with few limitations.   Recently the craze has spread into multiple generations, from children through the elderly.  The study by Buzzetto-More (2012), Social Networking in Undergraduate Education, was focused on college students pursuing an undergraduate degree.  I would like to reference this concept in comparison to high school students and my coaching experiences. 
                  In my educational experience I have never been a part of any group besides the discussion group set up through the university.  I am fortunate enough to work in a high school and was able to ask multiple students if they have any experience in using social media in their classes.  Every student supported the use of social media being used in education.  They felt the use of facebook groups and twitter in organized clubs as well as project based made them more comfortable and successful.  Buzzetto-More (2012) “concluded that SNS can help kids in school by increasing student engagement in the learning process”. 
                  As an educator I agree social media has a, “lack of formality to interactions allowing students to take the lead in the direction of the discourse and content posted” (Buzzetto-More, 2012).  This has its pro and cons.  I think the environment allows for creativity and individuality that can be very effective in discussion.  On the contrary, the lack of formality can sometimes encourage students to write with a lack of focus in grammar.  This can then lead to unprofessional language and an environment that is too “laid back”.  I have a hard time deciding whether the good outweighs the bad in the educational setting.
                  Personally, I am able to use my facebook page to assist me in volleyball recruiting.  I was able to look up club volleyball teams, coaches and players, and contact them through facebook.  Coaches would contact me with information about players that were interested in continuing their volleyball careers at the collegiate level.  This was a very productive way of building relationships and becoming more connected in the recruiting world.

Buzzetto-More, N. A. (2012). Social networking in undergraduate education. Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and         Management, 7, 63-90. Retrieved from


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