When I was looking into the PWPs of other educators, I was intrigued by Jaclyn McCoy’s page.  She does a nice job of keeping the page professional and allows her personality to shine through.  My favorite part of her site is the syllabus tab.  Here I was able to find the expectations to her class, a guideline of what the students will be doing through the class, as well as downloadable files for the students and parents.  This is an easy way for parents to access the information and allows Jaclyn to make the students more accountable. 

            Jaclyn also added a Volleyball tab, which adds personality to the website.  She has pictures and descriptions of her interests and commitments outside of teaching.  When creating my PWP I want to have this balance as well. I will make sure I have information that includes a Physical Education syllabus, Health Education syllabus, specifics about my coaching, as well as any programs/clubs I am involved in.  Having all of these in one place will allow those students who are in your PE class to also see I am involved in a Fitness program at school, or run a summer camp they may be interested in participating in. 

            The Resume section of Jaclyn’s website allows easy access for employers to gain information about Jaclyn.  They can see her resume, references letters, clearance and degree all in one location.  I would not have thought to include these extra items, but I am going to make sure they are available on my page as well.

            I am from a small rural town, with strong community involvement.  I would make sure on my page I have more information about what is going on in the community, not only with the things I am doing but what is available for students to become more involved in the community.


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