I live in a very rural, small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Not many people leave, and if they do, most come back.  Everyone knows your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.  When I decided to pursue a career in Physical Education, and also coach, I knew this is where I wanted to be!  There is an abundant amount of community support, and athletics is one of the major focuses in the area.  I work with another female PE teacher who is from out of town.  We decided to put together a fitness program after school, for athletes during their off season, or just any student who wanted to participate.

            We began by talking to our classes, and students we saw in the hallway, sent letters home, and talked to our supervisor to tell other teachers in the area.  Then we decided to begin a facebook fan page, and a PWP. Making our information and ideas available to the public has allowed the community to become involved.  There have been parents and other teachers trying to provide us with ideas to expand and fund our program to provide more opportunity to promoting an active lifestyle!  I noticed we needed to utilize our supportive community to make a successful program. Twitter, facebook, PWP’s, letters home, and word of mouth have all made this possible!


Caleb Canterbury
05/31/2013 8:03am

I never realized you were from Maryland. My old roommate lives there now and he seems to really enjoy it. I’m also from a small town in Pennsylvania that sounds very similar to your situation. Expect I was one that decided to leave and still up in the air about movie back or not?
Anyways, as far as what you’re doing with professional networking that sounds great! I liked how you took advantage of some professional networking tool to get community support. I know how difficult it can be to put together a program and get the support of others. At our school we are also trying to promote a program called running club. The past year we only sent home letters to the parents and only had a few moms help out. I hope to use some of the similar techniques as you did for this upcoming year to increase our turn out. You will have to keep me posted on how everything is going with your program. Have a great day!


Arthur Berlanga
06/01/2013 12:16pm

I enjoyed reading about your background and giving a great illustration of that small town hometown feel. I really liked the program you started for fitness. For instance, you said that, "We began by talking to our classes, and students we saw in the hallway, sent letters home, and talked to our supervisor to tell other teachers in the area. Then we decided to begin a facebook fan page, and a PWP. Making our information and ideas available to the public has allowed the community to become involved." Community involvement is huge. It looks like you have done a great job connecting with your school and community. It never hurts when you go back home and give back to your community you were raised in. When this happens, great things happen, because everyone had a pretty good idea who you are and they got to see you grow and become an adult who doesn't forget where she came from. That touches hearts and motivates people to get involved. Nicely done.

Shannon Taylor
06/01/2013 11:55pm

I enjoyed reading you blog about networking strategies. I think it is great that you started a fitness program that was mostly created by word of mouth from being in a small town. Since being in this course, I have created a fan page, twitter and a PWP to help assist with my new role as a basketball coach. The school that I coach for is in a tight knit family community and I already have several parents and the booster club that are wanting to help in anyway they can and I have only been there for a month. I think its great to give back to your hometown and I hope to have the success that you had in professional networking. Good luck with everything and keep it up.

Kailey Allen
06/02/2013 11:28pm

I really enjoyed reading about your story and how you got onto your career path. Coming from a smaller town myself I know how hard it can be to market yourself or your company. I think it was awesome that your community was able to see and get word out for you to become successful. I would agree that without the support from the community and the marketing you did (Twitter, Facebook, PWP, etc.) your career and success would not have been as great. Personal connections I feel is key aspect in networking. The more people you know the more connections can be made with those they know. It is almost like the childhood game telephone where the news or message just keeps traveling. I am very happy that your program has been successful and I hope it continues to be successful in the future. I also really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Kyle Wise
06/03/2013 7:25am

I enjoyed reading your post because of your unique stance on Professional Networking. I am also a believer that your situation dictates the type of networking that you choose to participate in. Because you work with another P.E. teacher out of town it is convenient to use Facebook as a means of networking and collaborating. I also liked that you used "old fashion" means of communication, such as talking face to face with your students and sending "snail mail" home.

Just because we have technology doesn't mean that we have to pass up opportunities to talk face to face to people. The best way to get information across or gain information is to go straight to the source and if that source is a person, the best way to network is to do it in person if you are able to.

I enjoyed reading your post and your stance on the issue of technology in networking because I am also not on one side or the other. If the situation calls for technology then I will use it, however if I can connect and collaborate with a colleague face to face I will do that.

I look forward to your future posts

Melissa Gutierrez
06/03/2013 12:49pm

It was so interesting to read your blog about professional networking. The fact that you developed an after school program about fitness, is absolutely amazing and a great idea to reach out to different students. Also the fact that you are using social websites to branch out to your community to get feedback or help with the program is a great idea. I commend you on taking action and providing your students with more of an opportunity to be physical active, that is awesome!

Melissa Gutierrez


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