Podcasting is a new concept to me!  Before creating my own podcast, I had to do some extensive research!  A few articles broke down the idea of using podcasts in education, and the concept of a podcast.  The first article I read was by Doug Hoagland/ The Fresno Bee, and this explained why Professor Sailor uses podcasts in his classes.  They are convenient and can be used to review material as many times as someone needs!  This article was pretty basic and gave a base for me to continue my research as  became familiar with podcast vocabulary. 
    The next article "Why iTeach with iPods", explains how we can use podcasts instead of writing papers.  As I was reading this I immediately thought of the final exam review assignment I give my health students.  They have a study guide that lists concepts and vocabulary they have learned about and need to gather detailed information about the concepts and turn this in.  I think a podcast would motivate them more, reaches more learning styles, and is more convenient.  It would allow them to read the information from their notes or text, speak it into the podcast, e-mail the audio to me, as well as have it saved on their computer so they can listen to it as many times as they want before the test day! 
    When reading the "Using Podcasts as Audio Learning Objects", I realized I use YouTube, "How To" videos all the time when trying to complete a project I have never attempted or am unsure how to complete.  A podcast is another great tool to use for this!  I have also found a few news/sports podcasts to use in my health class for current event articles.  This has allowed the students to complete the assignment in a shorter time because they are able to listen and write instead of reading and then writing.  I am going to continue to research more information on podcasts and use my human resources to help me as well!


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