My good friends have a three year old son, Brayden, who was recently given a bloody nose by another three year old at day care. Brayden took a toy one of the other children was playing with, and she decided to punch him in the nose in order to get it back.  When he tells the story, he makes sure we know the other child was a female and she made his nose bleed on his TAPOUT (MMA fighter) shirt.  When I saw the option to put his face on the "American Gangster" book held by Mike Tyson, I could not resist!


Gregory Lazaga
05/15/2013 11:11am

Hah! Great story. It gave me my first good laugh of the day. I have read some of your other posts and I am excited about your future. We have some similar interests. I have been teaching and coaching high school PE for just over ten years in Sacramento, California.
God Bless. Love the picture!


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