I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I first tried experimenting with the Personal Learning Network sites.  I have used GoogleReader before, but never really became too involved in the options I was given.  When I was listening to a few videos on youtube about Pearltrees, I like the idea of having all the information in one easy to access spot.  The way Pearltree is organized makes more sense to me then looking at a list or then a multi-column view.  It is extremely visual and allows me to have a lot of freedom in where I want to place all of my resources.  I also like that you can build connections with others who have similar "pearls".  There are tons of resource to pull from and the information can link up very spicifically or on a more broad scale.  I like the fact that I can place all of my teaching resources at one site, one click and I am there!  Also there are videos, tweets, webpages, and so much more to pick information from.

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