Today I spoke to a few of my softball players about the podcast I had created for my KIN-710 class.  One player mentioned she had used this type of technology in her foundations of music class this semester, while another had only seen GarageBand on her home computer.  I showed them some of the podcasts I had created and was able to send them a few of the inspirational ones!  They all became excited and said they wanted to make this a daily ritual before practice or workouts.  As a teacher I will not follow them on twitter, or facebook, so this is a way we can communicate using a valid, professional tool. 

            I plan on using twitter and facebook fan pages to recruit collegiate players.  I also would like to create a fan page for fitness clubs or sports clinics, to keep everyone updated on the latest information.  Pearltrees is a great resource for PE and Health lesson ideas and information.  I have also already begun a fitness website on Weebly, to promote local runs, and community fitness and wellness. 


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