Wikis have really grown in the past few years.  I remember teachers/professors telling us not to use Wikipedia in our research, because anyone could edit the pages.  After reading these articles, I have realized there are varieties of wikis, some being very educational.  Like any website, you will need to do your research to validate sources and support your findings.  These wikis are easy to use, simplistic, and can be private.  I am on a Wellness Policy Committee, where we have one meeting a month, go through the policy, make changes, and get multiple e-mail of the same policy with a few changes.  This is tedious and has begun to challenge us to keep track of what we have changed.  I have made the suggestion to my supervisor that a wiki would be a good way to get everyone’s input and on the days when someone can’t make it, they can add their input in through the wiki.  This would save a lot of time on his end, because he wouldn’t have to go through each e-mail, identify the modifications, and then change them for each of us on the committee.


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