I have always found the internet to be a wonderful aid in personal education.  Recently I have used the internet to research topics and current event articles for my Health Education lessons.  There are new health issues and updates that are posted daily on websites such as, livestrong.org and healthfinder.gov.  I have also recently began using GoogleReader to stay connected to health & fitness related websites.  This type of resource has become very useful in a quick and easy fashion. 

            I have found a few instances, when I have let the students try to find articles to write about on their own, where the internet has become a distraction.  There are many unreliable sources available and usually easier for my students to access.  One specific instance is a tv show host having a website that shares health information, but doesn’t always remain factual and neutral.  This has developed debate and allowed for teachable moments in the classroom but yields success in the assignments.

            I am also in the process of setting up a fitness program at my high school.  We have suggested the students and staff involved follow different sites that are based around fitness.  One in specific would be the Warrior Dash, which is a 5K we are trying to get involved in.  This has become a way to integrate technology, which the students love, as well as stay updated on local races.  This has become a huge hit with the kids, and they are starting to do more independently as well as bring ideas to our attention to get more involved.


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