There are many links and downloadable statistical analysis software accessible through the internet.  Brightstat and Statpages were my two favorite tools because they were easy to navigate and input information.  Vassarstats is another tool that allows you to pick one category to analyze and input data.  These sites also provide links and references to navigate further into other, suggested software.  SOFA seems to be user-friendly and displays results that can be shared.  These are useful when teachers need to present data or support their findings to an administrator or when assessing a class.  These resources can be very useful in managing statistical information for various classes, especially measurements in physical education.

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I have found many pros for using professional portfolios.  Online resources like LinkedIn and personal web pages, have create a space to have all of your information in one place.  This has created easier access to you as the professional in the recruiting world.  When I was applying to local public schools I had a e-portfolio, as well as a binder that possessed multiple works from my experiences.  I found the e-portfolio to be more convenient and better prepared the interviewer before I even showed up for the interview.  There is little guesswork, in the sense that whatever you add into the portfolio is exactly what the viewer sees.  These professional portfolios are automatic, ever changing, and can be searched by anyone looking for someone with your qualifications. 

There are a few downfalls of these types of professional portfolios especially with the spike in popularity.  There are endless options of candidates for recruiters.  It is hard to stand out or promote yourself when everyone is profiled alike, especially on LinkedIn.  Also, even with minimal guesswork, the creator may make assumptions about a piece of work that viewers may not be able to understand.  So clear and detailed explanations are necessary.



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