Technology has become a wonderful resource for students, teachers, and all individuals to explore, analyze, and improve knowledge.  This article, “Always On”, explains the pros and cons of instant access and immediate gratification.  In my experience I have noticed a lack of problem solving and in depth thinking among the youth.  In education I see students giving up quickly when asked to write a problem out or explain a process.  In coaching I have noticed a lack of strategic game play in the past two years.  Instant access does not generally encourage validity, reliability, or accountability in an educational setting.

            Most students are not retaining information, because the procedure is one single step when using an internet source or Siri on the iphone.  They are not forced to read the first few pages of a book to decide if they want to read it or not.  Students are also not used to validating sources unless it is for an English paper in high school.  Yahoo answers are the fastest response sometimes so that is what the student believes as true.  These impatient measures will take a toll on education because exploration was never a necessity. 


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I completely agree with you and feel you found a great example article to prove your point. For me personally the best way that I retain information is by reading it and possibly writing it down. For example, if another coach emails me an excel spreadsheet of a scouting report of one of our opponents, I will type the information into a seperate excel spreadsheet. It simply sticks in my head longer if I do so!


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